Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Milk Changes

Type of milk
What it looked like once it had frozen ?
Time taken to freeze
Condensed Milk
I think it is not going to freeze because when it gets chilled it makes the condensed milk sticky.
30 mins
Soy Milk
I think that the soy milk is going to be frozen in the middle but the outside is not yet frozen.
45 mins
Almond Milk
Almond milk will freeze quickly because it has lots of water in it.
25 mins

Conclusion- The condensed milk did not freeze because there was no water so thats why it did not freeze. But the other milks froze because it had water in it.

Friday, June 20, 2014

Mrs Poles Farewell

Mrs Poles Farewell

Today was an emotional mass for Mrs Pole because she has been teaching at St Pius for nearly 20 years and she got to see half of the students that she taught.  

I think the mass was lovely but the most thing that was so emotional and funny was when the ex-students had their speech.

We sung Mrs Poles favourite hymns and one of them where I the lord the sea and sky, the lord is my shepherd and I want to follow and Lord of dance.

I think the singing was so beautiful and the readings and the prayers of the faithful because they all spoke clearly a loud.   

Today was fabulous mass because I think that we stunned everyone with our lovely voices.

Friday, June 13, 2014

What are we going to do during lent

We have been brainstorming what are we going to do during Lent. One of them is fasting for 40 days and 40 nights, we can also give something for the poor like alsmgiving and you can go to church and just say something to Jesus.

The Acts Of The Apostles

1. What happened? Violent winds were blowing from heaven filled the upper rooms were the disciples were.
2. Who was there? The 12 disciples and the galileans
3. What did the apostles do? They were talking in all sorts of languages.  
4. What are the key things that happened? When the holy spirit came down on and made them talk in different languages and the people believed in the holy spirit.

Thursday, June 12, 2014

A procedural writing about chain tag

Chain tag

The purpose is to work as a team.

1. We would need to choose one tagger.

2. Then we will need the rest of the others to go to the other side of the of the court.

3. When the tagger has tagged you, you have to stand in the middle and form a chain with the other members that have been tagged.

4. if you try to tag someone when the chain is broken that does not count as a tag.

5. the chain will get bigger and bigger until you get   the last person out.

Introducing in Maori

Ko (Taiwan) tōku ingoa   -  My name is  Taiwan
Ko (Lucy) tōku māmā  -  My mother’s name is Lucy
Ko (Eden tōku pāpā  -    My father's name Eden
Ko (Falelala) tōku nanny  -   My grandma’s name Falelala
Ko (Sipe) tōku koro  -   My grandpa’s name Sipe
Ko (Tonga) tōku iwi -  Family I belong to is Vaihu  
Kei ( Auckland) tōku kāinga - Where i’m from Auckland

Ka haere au ki te Kōhanga Reo/kura o (Ellerslie preschool )  - Ka haere au ki te St. Pius X Catholic School.

New Zealand

Location and geography: North Island Largest city: Auckland

Capital city: Wellington Languages: English

Official head: Queen Elizabeth II

First people: Maori

First Europeans: Dutch sailor Abel Tasman

National anthem: God defend New Zealand / God save the Queen

Wildlife in New Zealand: The Moa that the Maori people hunted and had for dinner and the heaviest insect in the world is a weta. The oldest living animal in New Zealand is a Tuatara. It can live up to 300 years.

Species and unique animals: Weta,Moa and a Tuatara.

Nickname for New Zealanders: Kiwi