Friday, May 15, 2015

The River Jordan Report

I am reporting live from this lovely sunny afternoon at The River Jordan. The sky was opened , a dove appeared and an unknown strong deep voice was heard from the sky when it opened. The people who were there was amazed and scared.  

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Writing about swimming

Swimming Writing

Yesterday afternoon was room seven’s first swimming lessons.  Lucky I remembered to take my change of clothes. The instructors were Joseph and Emma, there supervisor was Pam.  The water was up to my chest chest about 4 feet high, 5 meters wide and 30 meters long.

We were split into two groups, group 1 for beginners and group 2 for the advanced swimmers. My instructor was Joseph, he has a foreign accent with an American twang.

The first skill that he taught us was floating with a board, this will help the swimmer stay afloat rather than sinking or drowning.  I guess if one was lost out at sea, floating on a board will make it easier to find if there was a rescue call-out.  I also learnt about floating on my back, dolphin diving and streamline.

We were not allowed to kick underwater. I really enjoyed floating on my back, I found it relaxing and a nice way to calm my nerves.  The hardest part of the exercise was trying to concentrate because there were too many of us in the pool and everyone is demanding the instructors time.

I truly believe that swimming is a good activity and it's good to prepare me for water safety and awareness.  I also think that to improve my own water safety skills I will benefit from taking one-on-one swimming lessons.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Mothers Day Writing Term 2 2015

Mother's Day Described Writing
I would be lost without Lucy, my mother and guardian angel.  She taught me little things like how to be polite and respect adults.  I trust her and she's very important to me.  

My mother loves me very much, she encourages me to think for myself and to make good decisions, although she knows I won't always make the best choice for myself.  My mother is always encouraging me to follow my dreams, she's the voice of reason and helps me get through my bad days.  She helps shape my values and personalities.  

I appreciate my mum for her hard-working nature to provide the best for my sister Maxine and I.  She makes the time to listen to me and I can talk to her about anything and everything.  She puts up with my sometimes naughtiness, but still managers to remind me who the boss of the home is.   My mother is a practising Catholic and is very active in the faith, such as choir, communion minister, Sunday school, parish council and food-bank delivery to needy families.  A very proud Tongan, she makes sure that both my sister and I do not forget our roots.  Learning to speak the language, some of the tradition helps me understand the importance of my heritage.  

My mother is a giggler like me, she enjoys a good laugh in a social setting socializing with her friends.  The story telling and laughter goes on for hours into the night.   

It is in my mother's nature to help people in anyway she can.  When I look into those brown eyes I know I very happy to be her son.  When she brushes her lovely brown hair I often say to myself, mother you gave me everything but you never asked for anything in return.  

I appreciate my protector, guardian angel, she's simply the best!

Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Holiday Writing 2015


Holiday Writing

After the Easter Vigil Mass I waited at home for my auntie to pick me up. I was waiting because she was going to drop me off to Massey out west. During the ride I was so excited to see my cousins because the last time I saw them was last year because I slept over there house and stayed over for Christmas.

Finally at last got to the destination and saw my cousins outside just talking and playing rugby kicks. We got off the car and we helped to get all the food out of the car and my bag that had my clothes inside and then we all went inside.

We all had a little prayer and we prayed the Rosary. After prayers my cousin’s asked if I want to play Ps3 with them and I answered “ sure lets play.” First game we played was Black ops 2 Zombies. The map was called Green Run Tranzit Zombies.

It was kind of harder when we got to round 15. But unfortunately we died at round 25 because my cousin tried to revive me but there was a zombie apocalypse. So the zombies surrounded us.

We got bored playing to much so we changed the game to Fifa 15. My cousin played as Bayern Munich and I played as Real Madrid. I lost 3-0 because I have not played this game for a long time.

Then a few more minutes my auntie told me that she would have to go now because it is getting a little late. It was around 11 o'clock when we all started to sleep. I slept in the lounge with my 2 cousins. They are Alex and Sam. We woke up and we went and brushed our teeth then came and made us toast with Milo. After we got to go outside and play rugby. It was 2 on 2. It was Sam and I. The other Team was Alex and Steven.

I really enjoyed going to my cousins house and on the next holiday I hope I get to go and have another sleep over.

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