Thursday, May 14, 2015

Writing about swimming

Swimming Writing

Yesterday afternoon was room seven’s first swimming lessons.  Lucky I remembered to take my change of clothes. The instructors were Joseph and Emma, there supervisor was Pam.  The water was up to my chest chest about 4 feet high, 5 meters wide and 30 meters long.

We were split into two groups, group 1 for beginners and group 2 for the advanced swimmers. My instructor was Joseph, he has a foreign accent with an American twang.

The first skill that he taught us was floating with a board, this will help the swimmer stay afloat rather than sinking or drowning.  I guess if one was lost out at sea, floating on a board will make it easier to find if there was a rescue call-out.  I also learnt about floating on my back, dolphin diving and streamline.

We were not allowed to kick underwater. I really enjoyed floating on my back, I found it relaxing and a nice way to calm my nerves.  The hardest part of the exercise was trying to concentrate because there were too many of us in the pool and everyone is demanding the instructors time.

I truly believe that swimming is a good activity and it's good to prepare me for water safety and awareness.  I also think that to improve my own water safety skills I will benefit from taking one-on-one swimming lessons.

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