Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Holiday Recount

My prayers were finally answered to go to Napier. We booked our tickets to Napier.

During my awesome holiday I went to my aunt's house at Napier. Once we got there it was so hot it felt like the temperature was over 100 degrees. We got home I jumped out of the car and ran straight into the pool. But my aunty said “ that I will have to eat outside because I am wet.” Then I replied “ ok.”

My aunty took a lot of pictures and posted it on Facebook. Over one hour we got so many likes on our pictures that my aunty posted.  

On the last weekend at Napier we had to make a choice either to go to Splash Planet at Hastings or just to have KFC for dinner. My choice was to go to Splash Planet and my cousin’s and my sister chose to have KFC for dinner. I was so angry at her but I had to just accept it.

We came back on the bus back to Auckland it was boring but very emotional. It was very fun spending time with my cousin that I don’t really see. It was the best holiday ever.

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