Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Holiday Writing 2015


Holiday Writing

After the Easter Vigil Mass I waited at home for my auntie to pick me up. I was waiting because she was going to drop me off to Massey out west. During the ride I was so excited to see my cousins because the last time I saw them was last year because I slept over there house and stayed over for Christmas.

Finally at last got to the destination and saw my cousins outside just talking and playing rugby kicks. We got off the car and we helped to get all the food out of the car and my bag that had my clothes inside and then we all went inside.

We all had a little prayer and we prayed the Rosary. After prayers my cousin’s asked if I want to play Ps3 with them and I answered “ sure lets play.” First game we played was Black ops 2 Zombies. The map was called Green Run Tranzit Zombies.

It was kind of harder when we got to round 15. But unfortunately we died at round 25 because my cousin tried to revive me but there was a zombie apocalypse. So the zombies surrounded us.

We got bored playing to much so we changed the game to Fifa 15. My cousin played as Bayern Munich and I played as Real Madrid. I lost 3-0 because I have not played this game for a long time.

Then a few more minutes my auntie told me that she would have to go now because it is getting a little late. It was around 11 o'clock when we all started to sleep. I slept in the lounge with my 2 cousins. They are Alex and Sam. We woke up and we went and brushed our teeth then came and made us toast with Milo. After we got to go outside and play rugby. It was 2 on 2. It was Sam and I. The other Team was Alex and Steven.

I really enjoyed going to my cousins house and on the next holiday I hope I get to go and have another sleep over.

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