Monday, May 11, 2015

Mothers Day Writing Term 2 2015

Mother's Day Described Writing
I would be lost without Lucy, my mother and guardian angel.  She taught me little things like how to be polite and respect adults.  I trust her and she's very important to me.  

My mother loves me very much, she encourages me to think for myself and to make good decisions, although she knows I won't always make the best choice for myself.  My mother is always encouraging me to follow my dreams, she's the voice of reason and helps me get through my bad days.  She helps shape my values and personalities.  

I appreciate my mum for her hard-working nature to provide the best for my sister Maxine and I.  She makes the time to listen to me and I can talk to her about anything and everything.  She puts up with my sometimes naughtiness, but still managers to remind me who the boss of the home is.   My mother is a practising Catholic and is very active in the faith, such as choir, communion minister, Sunday school, parish council and food-bank delivery to needy families.  A very proud Tongan, she makes sure that both my sister and I do not forget our roots.  Learning to speak the language, some of the tradition helps me understand the importance of my heritage.  

My mother is a giggler like me, she enjoys a good laugh in a social setting socializing with her friends.  The story telling and laughter goes on for hours into the night.   

It is in my mother's nature to help people in anyway she can.  When I look into those brown eyes I know I very happy to be her son.  When she brushes her lovely brown hair I often say to myself, mother you gave me everything but you never asked for anything in return.  

I appreciate my protector, guardian angel, she's simply the best!


Mrs Tui said...

What a beautiful description of your mother, Taiwan.

Osca said...

keep on trying
keep up the nice work

from oscar

Osca said...

i like what wrote about your mother
keep the good work

from oscar

Taiwan said...

What a lovely story Taiwan. I am proud of you and i love you. I feel special and loving as a mum. Love Mum.

Sonya said...

I loved your writing Taiwan, It was very moving yet touching. Keep it up!!
Sonya x

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