Tuesday, April 24, 2012


Stellaluna can only eat ripe fruits.

In the night Stellaluna can see through the dark but the birds they couldn’t see through the dark.

All or most of the bats live in trees, old mine caves and old caves and under bridges.

You can not find any bats where it is hot or very cold but you can find bats were it is nice and warm.

The bats can fight by using their mouth to blow out strong wind.


Miss G said...

Well done with your finding and selecting information Taiwan. You did well at putting the information into your own words. Make sure when you are writing about a topic and sharing information that you make it so that your audience can understand it without reading the book. said...

Hi miss G I Should work on writing about a topic and sharing information that I make it so that the people that my audience can understand reading my work.

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