Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Prompt 5

One day their was a girl called Mary. Mary had two sisters called Petra and Faleaka. One day they were walking down Castledine crescent street.

When they were walking they said “ hey lets go and have a look at that school” ,Petra said “ but we might be trespassing”, Faleaka said meanly “ why not we should go have a look it might be a football field, rugby field, baseball field or a cricket field. So they went up the driveway and pass the grotto and all of a sudden they saw this man on the field. They thought that he was a criminal. But he was just mowing the field. So all of them three walked up to the man and taped on his shoulder and the man turned around and blew petra and faleakas hairs like a bun bushed. When the man turned off his wind blower he turned around and it was their dad and they said to their dad “ we thought it was a criminal but it was just dad.

So After that situation they went back home and told mum the great story that happened.

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