Thursday, April 3, 2014

My E-Asttle writing test 2014

February Thursday 28 2014  Taiwan-E-asttle writing test.

Good friends are thoughtful people to you. They support you if you are down. A good friends gives you something if you don't have any. A friend can be generous because they like friends that are trustable because they dislike people that do things behind your back. A good friend has to never be a frenemies but they have to love each other and if they sometime have hard decision to make they can have a private talk.   

Sometimes you can adore your friends because they are very cheerful to you. Some of my friends are sometimes huge and large but some of them are small and mini. Sometimes a friend can bolt and run faster than you but some you can rush through them. Some friends can show their friendship by wearing lucky charm bracelet or maybe wear a necklace that shows we are B.B.Fs forever. A good friend is supporting others that are new to school and that are new to the community. Sometimes good friends break promises or might have swear an oath to tell any of his or hers secrets.

If you have a friend you can tell anything to them.

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