Thursday, May 29, 2014

My Procedural Writing About Softball


Today it was our first day of softball. Our teacher was Stephanie.

First we needed to get warmed up so she said “ do room 7 and I want to choose a warm up game” but we all replied back “ miss you can choose the game” so she choose triangle tag.

We had to choose one tagger to stand outside of the circle and we had to choose the person who needs to get tagged. So when we start we must spin around in left and right to make sure that the person the tagger needs to get tagged should not be tagged.

We learnt 5 basic skills. The first skill that we learnt was the snap catch. We had to roll the ball to our partner and they must snap there hands together to catch the ball.

I admitted that softball is more better than baseball because baseball serves faster but softball they serve underarm. But baseball is worth more money than softball.

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