Friday, October 31, 2014

Writing Term 4 2014

Thursday 23 2014

Statement : A home is a place where it gives you shelter , food and a loving and caring family.

Body :

Firstly a home is a place where you took your first steps, got your first dollar from the tooth fairy, fell off of your bike and scraped your knee, had your first girlfriend and maybe your first heartbreak.

Secondly home is a place where you grow up and move out and have your own family. But sometimes you must have to move away and start a new journey. But it will be sad when you leave your parents and younger siblings. When you leave to go to university or to another country to continue your learning to find a good job and life. Life can take you in my direction.

Thirdly homes become some nightmares because sometimes your house can get crowded and it might noisy or you can’t for school during the night. Homes are when you start stories. Homes are where we forgive and we use our manners

Lastly a homes are important because if we did not have a home we would have been sleeping outside in the cold , that's why homes are important to us. Homes are when you have your first growling and your first grounding.

Conclusion : Home is a place where I belong. Home keeps me warm during the night in my sleep and home helps me and you through our daily life.

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Deja T said...

Hi Taiwan,
I like your writing about a home. It's true that having a home is very important and is special.
I suggest that next time, check your writing that it makes sense, and the organisation is in order, but overall I liked your writing.

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