Tuesday, March 24, 2015


On the second week of the holidays we had a movie night. It was held at my aunties house. The first night was so cool! It was amazing. We picked so many different movies to watch. We even watched 'The Lovely Bones'. It was scary! But then we all fell asleep! I even had a nightmare about it! I dreamt that my sister had been hanged on a large rope and my mum hanged beside her! I screamed and woke up and started crying! But then I realised it was all just a dream. More like a nightmare!

Then we had a dance competition. It was girls against the boys. I was so excited because I knew that the boys will win! So we got to work! Firstly we had to choose a song. We chose "Turn down for what!" It was a hard song to dance for but we got there it the end! We had dance moves that involved jazz, hip hop and even style and swagg! Then we performed it to the girls. I was nervous inside and shaking on the outside!. 

I had alot of fun during my holidays it was the best day ever.

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