Saturday, June 2, 2012

Howick Historical Village

My favourite thing at Howick Historical Village was when we got to look inside a massive old house and play parlour games. My favourite game was the blindfold one because when we covered our eyes we got to choose somewhere to sit and I was laughing.

After we finished our first game we played passing with a small pillow and it was funny because I was nervous of passing it to the other students because we couldn’t use our hands, only our necks.

When we finished one activity we had to move on to a another game. The teams were called Dragons and the other team was called Lakers. The Lakers team always won the games because they had Andrew.

My favourite game was the string game. We had to get the string off Mrs Dodds hand and put the string around our body and pass it onto the next person. The only way to win was to pass the string all the way to the other person at the end of the line and that team wins the game.

When we had to come back to school I felt very tired and I tried to wake up in the bus but I slept.

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