Friday, June 1, 2012

Tom and the Dragon

Once there was a boy called Tom. One day he went with his mum to the beach. When they were there Tom was bored so he said “can I go down to that Cave please?”, but his mum said “no, because there is a Dragon down in that cave. Never ever, never do play chess with a dragon. If you win he will blow fire out of his mouth and cook you in a bbq and eat you up for dinner. Do not fight with a Dragon or else he will kill you and slay you like we slay them”.

When the Dragon saw Tom the Dragon started to cry tears because we kill Dragons with big swords and huge knives. They started to talk and talk then the Dragon said “you are not going to kill me” and Tom said “no I am not going to kill you”.

The Dragon thanked Tom for not killing him and they were friends forever. The Dragons mum was still afraid of Tom's mother and the two friends said “we shall not be enemies forever”.

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