Thursday, June 28, 2012

Imaginaition Story

“Stand up you lazy boy Taiwan, get up and help Maxine to dig a hole to put the plants in to grow”. Outside it was so freezing and cold, it was like 2 degrees.

When I started to dig my sister was doing the plants. Because I had dug so deep I ended up falling all the way to this world called the Avengers Land. There were lots of superheroes there. I met superheroes called Iron Man, Thor , Captain America and Hulk-smash. They were super teams and they had good team works.

All of the superhero’s Team was called the world famous team.

The Avenger Land looked like it was from the future, it had automatic cars that could fly and it had little kids that could fly as well and they had servants that were like robots and they were good cooks. The Dad’s always had to arm wrestle with Hulk but all the time Hulk wins the match. The World looks like it a made up world.

Thoren had a big huge Knife that had stripes on it, Iron man had a suit that had lots of guns, Hulk had lots of muscle cars that could run you over like big tanks and Captain America had a big jet pack on the back of his back and a big Plasma gun in his pocket. All of the superheroes thought that I was a superhero but I told them that I wanted to be one but I didn’t have any power.

When it was time to go they all told me to go back with something from their world called The Avengers Land, they gave me a Playstation 3 and a game called ‘Call of Duty Black Ops’.


Miss G said...

Great to see you showing the structure of your piece of writing. I enjoyed reading your narrative, however next time you need to focus a little more on what words you choose to use as you have lots of simple sentences and not many complex sentences.

Misiotei said...

This is great Taiwan! I really liked how you were witting your narrative also I like that picture you drawed on paint and I also enjoyed reading it.Next time you should color in the persons because they are see through.

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